Don’t Trade your Destiny for a BEDWARMER

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                                                                                                                     Shirelle DIAMOND Hogans

Shocking title right? Unfortunately it needs to be said and addressed. Cold, lonely winter nights can be a crux in any fireproof plan to “keep it together” even for the strongest diva. Women are pursuing their destiny like never before in this season, married as well as single. Single women are on the fore front and making major impact: Business Mogul, Power Mom, Ultimate Friend, Community Activist and Advocate, however the all around full of life diva goes to bed ALONE at night.

Can we talk about it?

Some would say, lets not even mention it, or just pray about it. It’s better left unspoken about. NOT addressing this issue would be like standing by and watching someone commit suicide. IT IS THAT SERIOUS. The issues that are least discussed in public are the ones doing the most damage in private.

As Single Saved Divas, who do we share our accomplishments with? Who checks on us throughout the day, sends flowers or a note, just because? Its not that the desire of a mate isn’t there, it has everything to do with the timing. Settling for any warm body will cost you more than you know. For some, the affection aspect outweighs the physical aspect and will cause women to compromise. Being Single and Purpose driven doesn’t negate the feeling of being appreciated and thought of nor does it take the place of male affection, attention and conversation. Passion doesn’t have an on and off switch, however you must MONITOR your surroundings and engagements and be truthful as to what you can and cant handle. You are in control of your OOPS moments.

100% of women surveyed for this article opted for male affection, attention and conversation.  Not negating a desire for intercourse, however identifying a need that most times finds us in compromising positions. What female only wants to talk and hang with other females, ALL the time? KNOW your triggers, STAY busy, FIND hobbies, BREATHE through the “HOT” flashes, TRUST in His plan!

Adam had full dominion of the earth and still had a desire for a mate. As strong successful and purposed driven women we have to STRATEGICALLY avoid situations that will put us “under fire”. Predators come in different shapes, colors and sizes. It’s always our flavor that is like a magnet to us at all the wrong times. As PURPOSED women with desires, we have to make the adjustments and be comfortable with the uncomfortableness of being alone in our beds this season. I know its easier said than done (BELIEVE ME), however the frustration of not having someone special is much easier to handle than when you weigh out what it will cost you.

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Shirelle "DIAMOND" Hogans Diamond is a survivor and advocate for Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Prevention. Due to her own life challenges of 5 miscarriages from the age of 17-22, she also facilitates heart to heart Teen Pregnancy Workshops along with Compassion Workshops for mothers who have experienced the loss of a child. INNOVATIVE Fueled by Passion to see dreams manifested, Diamond travels the world impacting men and women through her emPOWERment Sessions “LIVE LIFE RADIKALLY”. Encouraging dreamers to OWNTHEIR UNIQUENESS, IGNITE THE POWER WITHIN THEM & ALLOW IT TO EXPLODE IN EVERY ENVIRONMENT THEY COME IN CONTACT WITH. PASSIONATE Diamond’s NEVER QUIT attitude is contagious. She challenges her audience to embrace a NO EXCUSE mentality& obtain their goals AT ALL COST. RADIKAL Mother Nurse emPOWERment Coach Publisher Author Actress Playwrite Director COMPASSIONATE Advocate for Sexual Abuse Teen Pregnancy Miscarriage/Loss of a child Advocate for Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention; Emotional, Mental and Physical COMMUNITY INVESTED BEING BEAUTIFUL IS BEING ME Mentor FAIRY GODMOTHER OF DELAWARE EMPRESS CEO of DIAMONDS WORLD INC CEO of RADIKAL PUBLICATIONS CEO of RADIKAL REELZ

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